Chaplaincy & Spirituality

As a Ministry of the Uniting Church, provides a foundation for the development of Christian values, where students can experience the benefits of a supportive Christ-centred community. Our ministry enhances the development of Christian identity and ethics through a program of Christian education, worship, pastoral care and service.

Christian education at is viewed as the nurture, growth, and enhancement of a lived faith. In a Uniting Church school, Spiritual Development encompasses intentional processes where students are guided in ways of living their Christian faith. This includes daily Devotions, which are conducted by the Classroom or Pastoral Care teacher, weekly Chapel Services which are attended by all students, and fortnightly Religious education lessons which are offered by the Religious Education Teacher.

faith community attempts to express its belief in the God of love revealed in Jesus Christ by

  • Practicing in God’s love through care and compassion for all
  • Responding to the stages of children’s development with diverse and interesting styles of worship
  • Participating in generous acts of service with those in need

We provide opportunities for students and staff members to develop their spirituality which involves:

  • The capacity to communicate what they believe about God, others and themselves
  • The ability to relate with and communicate with God, using different forms of prayer, reflection, meditation and contemplation
  • The openness to see personal struggles as building character and ways of developing an understanding of self and others
  • The passion to be in mission for others, therefore being able to share themselves with the world
  • An awareness of and openness to the beliefs and practices of others
  • The discipline of study for the purpose of expanding understanding and tolerance
  • The ability to find meaning in all things and events

Each member of the College community shares in the responsibility of actively participating through worship, witness and service and takes every opportunity to encourage our students in their spiritual development. has a strong foundation in these areas which continues to grow from strength to strength. As part of our foundation of tolerance and acceptance we are an inclusive school – inclusive of religious and non-religious backgrounds, sexualities and genders. Alongside supporting our young people on their journey, we also provide support for their families. We have a College Counsellor available and a Wellbeing program that supports our young people right from Prep through to Year 12.